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Is the Inmate Call Control Network a premised based system?
No. Our call processing system is located in a secure carrier grade facility.

What type of equipment will be required at a correction facility for the ICCN to function?
The inmate phones will be connected to an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which will be routed through a Modem. We will supply UPS backups to ensure the property function of our equipment.

Is your system secure from hackers and other forms of cyber crime?
Access to the Inmate Call Control Network is controlled through a singular gateway in conjunction with static IP addresses. This gateway is the only way that a person can possibly access this system. For added security, our team has developed a complex system of firewalls, traps, and alarms that will notify our system is someone is trying to hack in to the Inmate Call Control Network. We also have a dedicated member of our team who monitors the gateway and who is accessing the system. Additionally, the system tracks each and every time a person logs into the system and records all of that information, so if there is something suspicious going on we will be able to detect it very quickly.

Can the ICCN be integrated with my current Commissary and/or Jail Management System?
The ICCN was built with an open architecture to all for easy integration in to most software packages. Our technical team will work with the developers of your Commissary and/or Jail Management System to develop an integration plan for the systems.

Does your system support pre-paid calling accounts?
The ICCN is built with integrated pre-paid solutions for inmates and end users.

Do you issue debit cards to inmates?
We can provide debit cards if a facility requests them, however, our system does not require the use of debit cards for our pre-paid solution to work.

Do we have to pay for annual updates and patches to the ICCN?
No. One of the advantages of using a centralized system is that all changes made to the system are universal. Whenever an update or new feature is added, all of our existing customers will have access to the new features!

For more information about CPMC Corrections please contact us at 1-800-950-2962 or info@cpmccorrections.com.

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